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The Petrotec Group has taken an interventionist position over the years, which complies with all the commitments it has with its customers, employees and suppliers, whether at an economic, environmental or a social level.

The Group aims to make its mark in the communities in which it is inserted. Education and health have received special attention from the Administration, which has increasingly felt compelled to be an example to follow and strive to make a difference.

Last year, the various units of the Group around the World flew the company’s social flag and invested in the support of several local associations. An example of this was the financial support given by Petrotec Spain to “ASION" – Asociación de Padres y Madres de Hijas/os Enfermas/os con Cáncer de Madrid. In Portugal, Petrotec has established a partnership with AMI (from the Portuguese International Medical Assistance) and contributed to the collection of more than 500 kg of books, which were delivered to the children of the “Porta Amiga” Centres.